October 31, 2011

Our Halloween








Our day began with a trip to Meg's dentist...she did well, but her small cavities haven't begun re-mineralizing yet. I'm disappointed about that, but we'll go back in a few months to re-check them and see if the grain-free diet & cod liver oil have begun to help.

When we pulled up at the drive-thru teller, there was the most amazing spider web. All decked out for Halloween!

At Sprouts, Meg BEGGED for this giant pumpkin...it was only $29! I sent this picture to Poppie, asking him to grow her one!

Pickle was so excited to be a black cat this year! She just had to try on her costume before getting ready to leave for Chickenburg and the Cousins.

As we walked out the door to leave, I told Meg I thought I was forgetting something...we ran down our mental list of what we needed to take...locked the door and away we went...without the camera! So our entire day was documented on my cell phone. Thank goodness for camera phones, I guess...