October 30, 2011

Light Box

Parchment glued to bottom & sides, lights laid in the box w/cord hanging out.

Lid latched--scissors & pencil for size comparison.

Ready to go!

All lit up!

I found a great website for sensory activities that showed a home made light box. The one I really want (anyone want to buy this for us???) is just way too expensive, so I opted for the $7 version from Satan's House.

I bought a small thin clear storage container for $3.97 and a box of 100 twinkle lights on a white cord.

I tried taping a piece of parchment between the lights and the box, but tape doesn't stick to parchment. :o) I pulled out the hot glue gun and glued the paper to the bottom and sides of the box. I laid the string of lights in the box and latched the lid in place. The bottom of the box I bought was flatter than the top, so we're flipping it upside down. I left a few inches of the cord hanging out so we can plug her in.

Here you see the box lit with clear glass floral beads depicting a cloud in the sky.

So much fun in store for us with this!