One Mamma

I am simply that: one Mamma in a sea of moms, mommies, mamas and mums doing my best to make my way through each day with patience, love and grace, found only in Jesus.

I love having this space to record our days in photos and words. I'm not good at scrapbooking and I don't journal often enough, so this space has become both for me.

I am blessed beyond measure with the sweetest, most patient and forgiving of husbands and one precious, though firey, little red-headed girl named Pickle who is already (unbelievably) four six seven eight nine!

We currently have three pooches; a Beaglier, a an enormous Yellow Lab and a rather dingy German Shepherd. We also have nine laying hens and seven laying chicks. Our Pickle recently added two bantam chicks (one's a crowin') and one Dutch bunny that she'll be showing at the fair!

I love to read, garden and do all sorts of hand work. Knitting is currently center stage, but I do enjoy sewing and crochet a lot as well. I am learning so much about nutrition and naturally healing/strengthening our bodies through naturally grown food. I love cooking and baking from scratch--I consider it a personal victory every time I learn to make something that I will no longer have to purchase from the market!

We are continuing our homeschooling journey this year following Charlotte Mason's philosophy and methodology. We are using Ableside Online's free curriculum to guide our book choices this year.

Thanks for stopping in.