September 7, 2009

Getting Lost is Good

Really good.

But it tends to make resurfacing pretty tough.

We got lost in the woods for a week. Except that we knew exactly where we were.

I thought I'd be all fancy and use the laptop to upload photos to J's Blackberry and then post from that. Apparently the mountains had other ideas. I never got enough service to do squat. Which, in hindsight, was a great thing. Without service, I didn't check email, my feed reader, or (obviously) post anything here. In fact, we've been home since Friday night and I still haven't done any of those things until now.

We threw rocks in lakes, went for walks, did our Bible Study and Cubbies lessons, shot our .22 rifles, shot our bows and did a lot of sitting around and playing games. We even had a campfire. Perfection.

So, in honor of our lazy family week, I'm going to post some snapshots from our days away in the coming week or two.

If you haven't had a vacation in the woods this summer (or ever) I hope you can enjoy looking back at ours.


Pickle & Daddy at the head of Volunteer Canyon