September 9, 2009

Because you asked . . .

Introducing . . . Cooper!

J was really struggling with not having a little man in the house to greet us when we'd come home and snuggle on the couch since our Tipper boy went to Heaven. After returning from our vacation on Friday night, J started researching small breed dogs on Saturday and on Sunday he bought us this little man:

He is a Beaglier--a cross between a Beagle and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. He is super cute and feisty, though we've only heard him bark a few times.

He will hopefully weigh between 15-20 pounds at maturity, but he's still awfully small considering he'll be ten weeks old on Friday.

His body is just the length of my size 8 sandal and his paws aren't overly large, so we'll have to see . . .

All in all we're really happy with him--he has a wonderful disposition and is doing well with crate/potty training.

He only cries at night now when he needs to potty and rarely cries during the day. He chooses to go in his crate for naps and to chew on toys. He is quite an escape artist if we've gone out of his crate area for too long--he found his way back to the laundry room today after escaping from the barricaded family room.

Cooper knows his name and has gone potty on command a couple of times, so that command should be mastered soon. I'll be teaching him to make eye contact upon hearing his name first, then will come the sit, stay, come and shake commands. I can't wait to try teaching him some more fun tricks like rolling over and playing dead. He seems quick to learn, so hopefully we'll get past the commands that we've taught all our pups and do some of the fun ones as well.

I'll try to get some better pictures of him in the next day or two.

(cell phone photos--lousy quality, but are all the stills I've taken)