August 11, 2009

Pickle's Popcorn

As all five or six of you faithful readers know, our Pickle girl has a habit of rubbing and pulling her hair. It is a subconscious act of self-soothing.

When her larger bald spot got to about three inches across, her Daddy came up with the idea for me to make her some tight-fitting caps so that she couldn't get to her hair to pull it.

I picked up some crochet thread and small hooks at the ever present Wal-Mart and made her a couple of simple hats while we were on vacation.

The hat-trick seemed to do the trick! She wasn't pulling nearly as much and, since we've always made her wear hats to protect her face from the sun, she doesn't mind wearing them at all.

We visited a couple of wonderful yarn shops while we were in Colorado and Pickle picked out two skeins of yarn. I decided to experiment with the green she chose earlier this week and came up with a simple popcorn stitch pattern with a wide band around the base.

This is my favorite hat so far! She even wore it to dinner the other night because she likes likes wearing her 'green popcorn.'