August 9, 2009

Homemade Crackers!

We ran out of wheat crackers on Tuesday.

I know.

What a nightmare.

So, rather than drive all the way to the grocery store, I decided to look up a recipe I remember seeing here. Holy cow--a stick of butter! Not that I don't usually applaud the use of an entire stick (or even two) of butter in a recipe, but I've been eating crackers with hummus as my lunch a few days a week, and didn't want to totally negate the health benefits of hummus. So I went on an Internet quest to find an easy cracker recipe that didn't require a stick of butter or any ingredients that would require a trip to the store.

I came across this one and thought it sounded easy and tasty (two of my favorite adjectives).

The dough. Super smooth, but it did require about seven minutes of hand kneading. If I make these often enough, I should have lovely looking arms.

I did several different toppers, and one mix-in. I tried a blend of sea salt, fine ground pepper and garlic powder on a few. That was OK, but not my favorite. I tried Lawry's coarse ground garlic salt on some; again good, but not my favorite.

For the mix-in, I took two balls of the dough and slightly flattened them. I added finely minced sun-dried tomato, garlic powder and dried Italian seasoning to the top of one disc of dough and topped it with the other. Then I kneaded it for a minute or two to distribute the mix-ins. I let the dough rest for about fifteen minutes while I made the rest of the crackers. When I rolled the dough out, the tomatoes stuck out everywhere--which is why they burned! I am sure I will try this mix-in combination again with a different recipe--maybe one that is light and flaky. And buttery.

These were my second favorite--lightly sprinkled with Kosher salt before baking. Light and crispy; a perfect vehicle to deliver my roasted garlic hummus to my belly. Yum.

But these, oh these, they are my most favorite of all. Lawry's coarse ground garlic salt with shredded Parmesan on top. Oh they're delightful. Good with the hummus, but can certainly stand on their own as a muncher.