July 23, 2009

Holy Hannah, It's Hot!

So, since we seem to have entered our annual monsoon/muggy season a bit early this year, it's not only ranging in the 100-teens, but the humidity is up to boot!

We had an inch of rain at our house on Tuesday--we woke up to an absolute downpour about 3:30 in the morning which netted us about 1/2 inch and then had another surprise storm dump a half inch on us that night. As usual, our little section of the neighborhood (about six block total) was without power for a couple of hours.

So, we lit some candles, opened the windows and I, of course, knitted by candlelight. (Keep an eye out for that furry thing I'm working on in a future newborn photo session.)

Then Daddy had the brilliant idea to drive around to find the power-line repairman and gauge his progress while sipping milkshakes at 10:00. Pickle decided to try strawberry. She liked it.

You've gotta love a spontaneous Daddy!

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