May 22, 2009

Three-tenths of an Inch

Of rain.

At my house.

Last night.

Can I get an Amen?

Here are some photos I took yesterday of the garden.

We're still impatiently waiting on tomatoes to ripen, but have been harvesting 1-4 zucchini each day since Sunday last. Yum!

White Tomesol

Riesentraube (Look at all those blooms!)

Red Zebra (I LOVE the stripes!)

King of the Garden Lima Bean

Japanese Long Cucumber

Finally, the Praying Mantis that I'm praying will eat all the pesky bugs in our garden!

Note: All plants started from seed earlier this spring. Seed source:
All seven other tomato varieties we planted are blooming/setting fruit as well. But really, this post was lengthy enough!