May 18, 2009

First Harvest :: Take Two

After the issue with harvesting the radishes a wee bit early, I gave these yummy zucchini plenty of time on the vine.

Our first 'real' harvest of the year: three Tondo Scuro Di Piacenza (an heirloom version of the Eight Ball variety I was so excited about last year) and three Black Beauty Zucchini.

I used the three round guys (with the ridiculously difficult Italian name) in pasta salad that we took up to Chickenburg to celebrate Poppie's birthday, and will be using the three zucchini for Fried Zucchini tonight!

I'm going to try to get out into the garden tonight for some update photos. We have tomatoes getting bigger by the second, beans and cucumbers beginning to bloom, radishes nearly ready to pull and a whole lot more!

It's nice and overcast today and is only 106.5 in the shade of our front entry. If we had a breeze, I think it might be chilly!