April 21, 2009


I'm re-posting this poem because:

a) I do have a terrible code.
b) I am too foggy to create coherent sentences.
c) I'm too tired to even post photos.

I hope you don't hab a terrible code.

by Carol Diggory Shields

I dibbin go to school today,
Bom looked at be and said, “No way.”
Wend back to bed and here I’ll stay,
‘Cause I hab a terrible code.

By throad is sore, by eyes are bink,
By node dribs like a leaky sink,
By head’s so stuffed it hurds to think.
I hab a terrible code.

This is one of my favorite poems.
I may tell you that about a lot of poems in the future.
It will always be true.
I have a lot of favorite poems.
Most of them are written for children.
Most of them I taught to my kiddos back when I was teaching public ed.
Poetry was an ingrained part of our lives at school.
Poetry will magically make a group of 20+ racus seven year olds suddenly sit perfectly still to listen.
Poetry is a salve to my soul.
Especially this poem.
Especially today.
'Cause I hab a terrible code.