April 8, 2009

Garden Update

So, things are finally looking like this year might be a good one in the gardening realm.

Problem: I think I planted some seeds too deep--if they're not showing signs of coming up by tomorrow, then I'll replant a few even though it's a bit late in the season for planting seeds.

Tomatoes and onions with okra planted in the middle, chives and garlic chives on the ends and nasturtiums throughout.

Here's a rundown of what we've planted, when we planted it/set it out and when it sprouted.

Plant ~ Planting Date ~ Sprouting Date
Tomato (10 varieties, 20 plants) ~ 2/14 ~ (set out in garden) 3/21
Carrots (2 varieties) ~ 3/21 ~ 4/4
Thyme ~ 3/21 ~ 3/28
Dill ~ 3/21 ~ 4/4
Oregano ~ 3/21 ~ 4/7
Parsley ~ 3/21 ~ 4/7
Basil ~ 2/14 ~ (set out in garden) 3/21
Chives ~ 3/21 ~ 4/5
Garlic Chives ~ 3/21 ~ 3/28
Spinach ~ 3/28 ~ 4/4
Radish ~ 3/21 ~ 3/28 (second planting 4/5)
Lettuce (2 varieties) ~ 3/21 ~ 3/28 and 4/2
Eggplant ~ 3/21 ~ Still not up!
Runner Beans (5 varieties) ~ 3/21 ~ 4/4 - 4/7
Squash (3 varieties) ~ 4/5 ~
Cucumber (2 varieties) ~ 3/28 ~ 4/4
Onion sets ~ 3/21

Little bitty radishes! These came up so fast! Pickle helped plant these and was SO excited to see the baby plants coming up.

Whew! I know this is just riveting information, but really it's as much for my record keeping as anything.

These little guys are thyme seedlings--I'll obviously have to thin them when they are bigger. I thought these were the smallest seedlings I'd seen, until the oregano came up! Oregano is about half the size these were when they first came up. Amazing!

We have four 4'x6' raised beds, two 1'x4' raised beds and one long planter out front for the zucchini & other squash. I think it's about 4'x20'. We'll be planting pumpkins among the squash out front in July this year to avoid an early harvest like last year. It seems like so many plants for that small amount of space, but with succession* planting, I think it will all work out fine.

I'll post additional updates as we begin to harvest--I'm hoping for tomatoes by the end of May. We'll see!

*Succession planting is when you plant a quickly maturing plant under or around a more slowly maturing plant, so that the quicker plant has grown to harvest size and/or produced it's fruit before it is shaded out by the (generally) larger and slower plant.