April 10, 2009

At the Foot of the Cross

Have you ever heard a song that you just don't tire of? This is one of those songs for me. Such a beautiful melody; such profound lyrics.

Now I can trade these ashes in for beauty and wear forgiveness like a crown. Oh, to live these words!

Ashes--they can be anything from unresolved guilt to harboring un-forgiveness. From speaking ill of someone to feeling unworthy and unloved. Fear of the unknown. To trade them in for beauty--God's beauty--by simply kneeling at the foot of the cross. It takes my breath away.

Do you wear your forgiveness like a crown?

Do you lay your burdens down?

This weekend, it is my prayer that you will join me in falling at the foot of the cross to lay down our burdens and bask in the glory of undeserved forgiveness.


Some of my favorite scriptures on forgiveness:

Romans 5:6-8

Romans 6:23

Ephesians 2:8

Romans 10:9-10