February 12, 2009


So I started the day with the intention to finish a hat like this chunky knit beanie (link is on her sidebar) for Pickle while the girls played. I did. Yea me.

Then, I figured, I should dust the family room before a bull-dozer is required to remove the mountains that are forming.

I did this instead.

(Please forgive the shamefully blurry photo. I used the point and shoot and couldn't see the screen for the sun glare, so just winged it. I'm impressed it's centered!)

I had been storing my yarn needle inside the leather blade cover the scissors came in and got tired of losing my needle every time I pulled my embroidery scissors out to snip yarn/thread.

Of course, something had to be done immediately. Because, you know, this has been happening/bugging me since I was given the scissors. Two years ago.


Wool felt is so great to hand embroider on. I love it!

What hand work have you loved lately? Anything that beats out dusting?