February 9, 2009


Rain, rain.

Is it here to stay?

I'm a happy girl today!

It started raining on Saturday afternoon and has rained off and on since. I checked our rain gauge today around 5:30 and it was at 1 inch! It started raining again around 6:00 and has not let up since (It's about 8:15 now.)

I am SO thankful for the rain--we really need it! The only problem is that we probably won't get the raised beds finished this week like we had planned. Maybe I can convince J to do the 'earth moving' with a shovel instead of messing with the Bobcat . . .

On another note, I planted some pepper seeds and herb seeds today. I'm only about 8 weeks late on the peppers, but I figured I'd give them a shot under the lights and then I'll try cold shocking them just before putting them out. We'll see what happens.

What is your winter weather like these days?
Are you planning a garden this year? Have you started any seeds indoors? Planted anything outdoors?