January 20, 2009

December, 2008: A Review

Part I: Goin' to see Santa

Waitin' for the Ho Ho to arrive . . .

Pickle, like many others, doesn't care for the man in the bright red suit. We've been working on her all year to be a big girl and not cry with the Ho Ho this year. We decided that she would a) not cry, b) stand next to him instead of sit on his lap and c) tell him she'd like a toy kitchen as a gift.

A little glimpse from last year:

And our attempt this year:

J: "Just stand there by Santa and tell him what gift you'd like."

Pickle: Climbing back up.

Sitting on Daddy's knee. Refusing to talk. Refusing to look at either camera. Rubbing her hair.

Look at those pleading eyes!

A dollar to play in the bounce house and all the Santa drama is forgotten.


And smiling.

Ready to go to dinner with Auntie Chris and Uncle Jake!