January 22, 2009

December, 2008: A Reveiw

Part II: ZooLights

On the 13th, we went to the light show at our 'big city's' zoo about an hour away.

Here's Poppie. His given name is Norman. When he worked as a Deputy, some folks referred to him as Stormin' Norman. Then when the Gulf War came along, it was a fun joke in our family. Now, it seems he's performing live with the Harlem Globetrotters.

We got early admission tickets in order to have time to ride the merry-go-round . . .

. . . and pet the sting rays.

A couple more rounds on the merry-go-round

and it was time to take a peek at the few animals that were still close to the walkways feeding.

The shy girl who doesn't care for large, strange men creatures insisted on a camel ride!

Check out our matching fingerless gloves!

A quick stop at Bass Pro's GIANT Christmas tree.

And finally, after a very long day, the unmistakable joy of an Oreo after dinner--she'd never had one before!