December 19, 2008

Stepping Back

Not that I've really been a presence, but still.

This photo shows the amount of determination it's going to take to get me through my to-do list!

With all that is on my plate over the next seven days, I don't know how much I'll be around. Unfortunately, I don't know that I'll have the time to edit the photos/videos I had planned to post this week and next. We'll see.

I do hope each of you has simple, quiet and meaningful Christmas.

Jesus came! The perfect Godhead in a human frame. He lived as we live, felt joy and pain as we feel it. Died a death we cannot fully comprehend. Was separated from the Father. For us. For me, for you.

If I were the only sinner in history, He'd have come just for me. Just for you. I am in awe of His Love for the sinner (me) when sometimes I cannot even love myself.

Take time to relish in the fact that God sings over you*, loves you, cherishes you and covets your love and faithfulness. I have reached the conclusion that it is not in any way about how much 'stuff' I have or don't have, I am always rich in the love of Jesus.

Merry Christmas!

*This is a favorite verse of mine. I keep it written on a 4x6 index card in the front of my recipe box. Every time I go to prepare a meal, I am reminded of how my Lord feels about me; how, if I will let Him, He will quiet me in those busy times when I often don't take the time to acknowledge Him. Like when I'm rushing to cook dinner.