December 9, 2008

I'm Continental, Not English. Who Knew?

I tried teaching myself to knit about a year ago. I got the knit stitch and did about 10 rows. Then I found a crochet pattern for what I wanted to knit, dropped the needles for a hook and never looked back.

Until a few weeks ago. I saw a post where a lady demonstrated how she knits so much faster when she knits Continental.

I didn't even know there were different methods of knitting. I did a bit of research, found this amazing video, and bam. One evening (actually only about three hours) and I now know how to knit and purl and have cast on a fingerless glove for myself. Hopefully I won't quit again before he has a mate!

If you don't think you can knit, I recommend trying this method. There's no throwing involved! It is so much more comfortable for me, much more like crochet--which I've been doing so long I don't even really remember when I learned how.

Go, become knitters! If you turn out to be English, I promise I won't hold it against you.