December 11, 2008

Decorating Her Christmas Tree

Alternate title: Pickle's First Christmas Without a Tree Corral

We've had our Hexagon Gate/Baby Corral up around our tree the last two years to keep the Pickle from unwrapping gifts and destroying the tree before Christmas actually arrived. But, I decided that since she's now (almost) officially Two-and-a-Half years old, that she could handle a tree without a corral. That, and I really didn't want to drag the monster out of storage.

Besides, she needs at least one or two extra trips to time-out each day to ensure she grows up to be a well-rounded therapy patient, right?

On with the decorating!

Helpin' Mamma wi'the beads. Which, consequently, didn't even end up on the tree.

Waiting for the lights.

Completely nonplussed by the lights.

Decisions, decisions.

Whoa, this thing's heavy!

Look! I did it! (J says she looks like a boy. Does she look like a boy? I'm told at least a few times a month that, "He is the cutest little boy. Look at that cute red-headed boy," even when she's in pink. Seriously, people. Pink?)

A much nicer smile.

Tellin' Daddy all about it.