October 8, 2010

Choose Joy

If you have spent any time around our little patch of earth over the past few months, you'll have heard J or me say, "choose joy." A lot. Thanks to one little girl who has been choosing grumpy and angry a lot of the time.

We talk a lot about God giving us joy in every moment if we choose to find it. Even when we don't feel it.

I read a post this morning about worshiping in our work. That in everything we do, if we do it with joy, we are worshiping our Lord. Worship doesn't require Sundays or singing, just choosing to do the task at hand with a joyful, worshiping heart.

News? Not really, but a really great kick in the rump. Motivation to stop talking about God giving us joy in every moment and start living every moment with holy joy.

Are you motivated to live every moment in joy?

What brings you JOY