January 5, 2010


I felt motivated today. I actually washed a whole sink full of dishes, two pots and cleaned the stove top. That's more than I've accomplished at one time in 12 days. I'm wiped out.

I've been sick. For 14 days. So far. I don't dare say I'm well for fear I will just get worse.

It started mid-day on the 23rd, but I ignored it.

By mid-day on the 24th, I'd acknowledged it, but pushed through.

By mid-day on the 25th, I'd all but given up.

Things slid by the way-side and honestly, it didn't matter. (Does it ever?) That doll quilt for the stocking? It will be a "Because I love you little girl!" gift, hopefully to be finished by the end of the week. That carrot cake for Jesus' birthday? Maybe we'll have one in celebration of Him rising from the grave. Papa Herman's buttermilk pie? Valentine's Day, maybe.

I think maybe this has lingered on so long to prove to me that the dishes will get done (thanks, J) and the doll quilts will not be missed. That sweet treats are welcome any time and that making memories is often more important than capturing photos of them with the camera.

I hope you are blessed with times of quiet in this new year. Times to observe life as it happens around you, to impress memories on your heart. Oh, and some horribly screechy 'flute' music. Everyone deserves that.