June 5, 2009

Ten Things :: A List

It's all my brain can manage today.

1. We each ate one tomato out of the garden last night. The first of the year. Words cannot describe the difference between a homegrown tomato and a store bought tomato. I won't even try.

2. Aloe Vera. Is lovely. No, I don't have a sunburn.

3. I painted all the interior doors today and touched up a million places on the walls and corners. Fun. Not really.

4. We are getting new flooring. It throws our financial plan off a bit, but it has become increasingly apparent that our carpet is a health hazard. **Aaaachoo!**

5. It's laminate. Not hard wood. Curse you 57 year old concrete slabs that aren't level.

6. My house is dirty. Not just messy or dusty. Dirty. I'm starting to get twitches because of it.

7. I have to move furniture today. By myself.

8. I will have new, clean floors!

9. Our own little Atelier is almost finished. The flooring goes in this weekend and then we move in the books, art supplies and toys. I'm sure a photo tour will be forthcoming.

10. I don't really have a number ten, except to tell you that it's 101.8 (in the SHADE) with a mere 20% humidity. Enjoy your weather. I'm sure it's better than ours.