May 13, 2009


Actions. Are. Addictive.

I have Photoshop Elements--not the full version of Photoshop. Poor me, right? Wrong! I recently found out (thanks, Suzanne!) that some mighty nice folks out there actually create Actions for PSE users too!

If you have no clue what I'm talking about, an Action is simply a group of editing steps that are all bundled up nice and neat and save TONS of time when editing photos.

Here's an example:


I adjusted the exposure in the RAW editor, cropped in, adjusted the midtone, and ran the Photoblast Beauty Glow Action from EZ Actions:

How easy is that?

*Straight Out Of Camera

Want to see one more?


Again, I adjusted the exposure in the RAW editor, adjusted the midtone, then ran the Photoblast Beauty Glow Action. So simple and fast!

Who are these cutie patooties beautiful young ladies? These are our two oldest nieces, Billie and Jonnie. They graduate a week from today! (There's no way I'm that old!)

I took their Senior Pictures last Saturday--but more on that later . . .