March 28, 2009

On Dogs and Small Children, Discernment and Decisiveness

To set the scene:

J has gone to a town an hour south of us with his friend H to help out on H's family's new dairy that just started milking and is a bit short handed.

I am left alone to finish digging the flower beds to get the seeds in before it's too hot for seedlings.

The dialogue:

Me: (Digging in rock hard dirt that has not been worked or watered for at least two years.) Grunts with every jump, wiggle, lean and slow movement of the shovel.

Dogs: (Lounging in the shade.) With every sound of the shovel, they raise their heads, close their eyes and look away in disgust.

Yes, they are more discerning about mid-afternoon activities than I am.

Pickle: (Whining) I just want you.

Me: I know, but I'm not going in until I. get. this. dug! (Grunts)

Pickle: Oh, oh, I have to go potty! I go in your potty, please!

Me: Run, run girl! Don't pull off too much potty paper . . .

(Time goes on with much grunting from me and no sound from Pickle.)

Me: (Loudly, to be heard inside the house by Pickle.) Hey, girl. You need to come back out now, please!

Pickle: (At the back door. Whining.) I just want to go inside now.

Me: (Sighs audibly.) OK--do you want to sit at your desk there in the office and do Play-Doh?

Pickle: (Slams door.)

Me: I'll take that as a yes.

Obviously, she's not only more discerning about afternoon activities than I am, she can make a quick decision too!