March 12, 2009


Is it true what they say, that absence makes the heart grow fonder? Or is it just annoyed?

I've been doing a lot of non-computer related things. Things like sitting outside for three or four hours a day while Pickle plays, and sitting on the couch alternately knitting and staring out the front window at the ash tree as it grows greener and greener each day. Not very important things, but things, none the less, that take up much time.

Also, I really want a laptop so I'm moderately boycotting my desktop while I feel sorry for myself.


Camping. Camping was fun.

This little creek ran just below our camp.

Here's camp from the other side of the creek.

Miss Pickle, taking a breather from our early morning walk.

Hard rock mining shaft. Copper maybe???

Practicing with scissors and play dough. Much less messy than little bits of paper!

"Daddy has nonoculars, Mamma has nonoculars. These are my nonoculars." Yeah, we'll see.


Silliness reigns supreme:


Monkey in a cage.

I added a shelf to this closet and now have all the small appliances out of my pantry! Woo hoo-room for food!


Hey, remember these guys?

60 tomato plants sure take up a lot more room once they're planted up into 3 inch pots! Don't worry, I'm only planting 20--two from each variety. The rest will go to Papa H and our neighbor Mr. Fred.

Our garden went from this:

To this:

In only two short long days and a few strained back muscles!
Don't you just love those rusted out slats in the fence? I wonder if our neighbor would mind if I spray painted it? Can you spray paint a metal fence? Wouldn't it look better in green?


The Pickle girl flying her kite!