January 26, 2009

December, 2008: A Review

Part III: Dinner & Lights

On the 20th, we met Cole, Punky, Buckaroo, Ma, Pa, Jess, Heath & Miss Sweets in one of my and J's favorite places. This historic little town is about 2 1/2 hours north of us. It was slated to be the capitol of our state, but got ousted for a larger city down south. It is, however, the county seat with a beautiful old courthouse and surrounding square.

Here are the few photos that turned out from that night. I really need to remember to adjust my settings before shooting in the dark!

It was 30 or 31 degrees as we walked off our massive dinner on the Square. The town decorates the entire square with lights, plays festive music and even has a Santa scene in the old gazebo.

Here Cole, Pa & Ma are trying to stay warm while dancing to a techno version of an old gospel song. Interesting.

Buckaroo just being an almost eight year old boy.

Pickle & Punky lovin' on each other!

After running around the square for a few minutes, we headed out to a nearby park with a drive-through light display. Their displays are HUGE and many have moving parts or light up in succession to give the impression of animation. So fun!

Pickle's favorite displays were the three lighted 'tunnels' we drove through. They have enormous lighted arches one after the other for at least 100 feet forming a 'tunnel.' When we got to the end, Pickle wanted to do it again! Next year, baby.