June 25, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday: Gettin' the Lid Off the Honey Jar

We have a friend who is a honey farmer. (He farms other stuff too, but the honey is most important to me!) He brings me honey in jars. Raw honey that hasn't been processed, filtered or homogenized or pasteurized (or whatever it is they do to the honey that comes in the little bear squeeze bottle!).

It's just wonderful, natural honey in glass jars with screw-on lids.

The thing is, those screw-on lids get awfully sticky from pouring that amazing, magically sweet honey out.

So . . . one day, after a particularly frustrating bout of struggling with a honey jar lid, I remembered a little tip I picked up on Food TV. I think it was Paula or Sandra Lee or one of those talented ladies; she said to put a little oil in your measuring cup when measuring out sticky things like honey and corn syrup. I've been doing this now for years after hearing this little golden nugget of advice.

Honestly, I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner--maybe you already have--but if a little oil works in a spoon/cup, why not on the neck of a honey jar?

I cleaned up the neck of the jar and the inside of the lid with a cloth soaked in hot water, sprayed on a little cooking spray and voila! no more sticky jar lid! I reapply the spray every second or third use just to keep the stickiness down.

This works for me! What works for you?

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